Not-So-Tacky Tourist

tropical tropicalsara

 The tourist: You can spot them a mile away with their fanny packs, digital cameras, and under worn sneaks. Don’t forget the map in hand paired with a look of confusion. The Closet was having a tropical Hawaiian print theme in their store, so we decided to create a post that revolutionizes the look of a “tacky tourist.” A few years back, my mom and I took a trip to Europe to celebrate her birthday. I took this as my opportunity to express my style yet still blend in with the oh-so-cool European crowd. My mother; however, decided to dress practical with her Croc sandals and khaki pants. Might as well of just stamped the word American on our foreheads. With that being said, this look book is a guide to a happy medium – It’s okay to be a tourist, it is not okay to dress like one! I went jungle chic with my leopard crop top and shell statement necklace, and doubled a royal blue scarf as a belt for that summer spark. Sara went classic retro with her tropical look, and added a silk neck scarf and oversized sunnies. Although Summer is over and we didn’t get to experience a Hawaiian getaway, we at least got to look the part. 


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