Well folks, I think it’s safe to say I’ve abandoned any attempt in acting like I know anything about football, or sports in general. Don’t get me wrong; I can appreciate it. It’d be an understatement to say that football at my school is a big deal, especially this year. Florida State is ranked No. 2 in the BCS standings, our best since the year 2000.  I may or may not have just Googled what BCS stands for… I’m learning this as I write. FSU began with purple and gold as their colors, but then after the championships in 1905, chose to mix the purple with crimson and BAM – garnet was born. I hope we can all agree that our rival, University of Florida has a most unfortunate color combination of blue and orange. If you don’t agree, I’m afraid we can’t be friends. 
What I’ve observed is that dressing for the game has almost become an even bigger deal than the game itself. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, but from what I’ve noticed the majority of girls can vouch for me on this. We don’t want to admit it, but we spend ample amounts of time coordinating our outfit and primping in the mirror. After finally getting ourselves together, we make the long trek to good old Doak Campbell stadium to then stand in a sea of thousands of sweaty intoxicated people where, get ready for it, no one is actually paying attention to your well coordinated outfit with the perfect ratio of garnet to gold. It sounds pretty ridiculous when I put it like that; yet I know it’s true because I’m guilty of it! I doubt I’ll change my ways anytime soon, though. Meantime, your average guy is febreezing the smelly wrinkled t-shirt he wore to the last game, because it’s “lucky.” Though his most pressing decision he’ll have is whether to wear shorts or pants.. I swear I should write a post solely about the male versus female thought process. Now that I’ve done a sufficient job in veering completely off topic… The first football game I ever went to was the very beginning of freshman year. I remember turning my closet upside down like a maniac looking for something to wear that would indicate some shred of school spirit.  I vowed to never again break down and spend $40 on a shirt from the campus store. Instead, I’ve found most FSU shirts at local thrift stores.  The one I’m wearing I bought from my diva friend Sincerely, Juju. She’s located in Tallahassee so check her out for some handmade goodness. 
What I love about Florida State is our tradition, spirit, and unity. You don’t have to know anything about football to get pumped about it. You can literally feel the excitement and energy all over Tallahassee. So friends, let’s not sacrifice fashion on our game days. Throw some garnet and gold together and don’t be afraid to stand out. 
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“I See You In Those Drop Crotch Pants”


I bought these online from Forever XXI for a whopping $15. Here’s some other options to take a look at. Click on it… ya know you want to.

 These haven’t been this cool since M.C. Hammer circa 1980 but regardless; they’re back. They are indeed the epitome of “man repellent.” Whomever invented the harem pant did not have sex appeal in mind. Yet I love them anyway. Why? Because they’re empowering…  and badass. I don’t want to be looked up and down like a piece of meat. I’m so, so tired of the notion that the more you show off your body the more desirable you are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in agreement with dressing to flatter your body, but when you start dressing only to show off the bod… you lose valuable attributes that fashion has to offer. Creativity, ingenuity, originality. I believe it was Emma Watson that said, “My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” On a less serious note; the thing that probably sold me the most about these was the fact that they feel even comfier than yoga pants. Sorry boys, but if yoga pants are God’s gift to man, then harem pants are the feminist gods gift to me. If I was ever by some miracle flexible enough to put my foot behind my head; I’d be able to do it wearing these babies. I myself am still wondering what the purpose is behind all this extraneous crotch room. It seems unnecessary, but then, when is anything in fashion ever really necessary anyway?


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Day Tripping

Thomasville, GA


As much as I appreciate being in Tallahassee, getting away from it was at the very top of my list of things to do this week. Following a string of unimpressive test scores, lack of sleep, and a plague of sickness that my dear roommates so lovingly passed onto me…it was just one of those weeks where I wouldn’t mind just dropping off the map for a while. My friends and I were all in agreement that we were ready for a change of scenery. By the time Saturday rolled around, we dragged our sickie selves out of bed in hopes of escaping our perpetual slump. Our getaway destination of choice was somewhere we’d been talking about since last year; an hour drive north to a quaint little town called Thomasville, Georgia.The drive itself was enough to calm our minds from the whirlwind week, and was well worth the gas money. Needless to say, this trip was much overdue and MUCH needed. Scroll down and see where the day took us.

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Put On Your Grown Up Pants

  When asked about my major, the conversation typically goes as follows: “So, what are you studying?”

“Retail Merchandising and Product Development”

*Cue the vacant stare*

“It’s basically just fashion.” 


Even though I’m relieved that I’ve finally come to some conclusion about the direction my career is headed, I have to admit that my classes aren’t exactly as riveting as I’d hoped for them to be, at least not yet. My glamorized view of being a “fashion major” was quickly shot down in my first textile lab, when I squinted through a microscope for a good ten minutes at a piece of cotton. You know the saying “patience is a virtue?” Well, I could really use that virtue right about now. With all this talk of building a resume, interning, studying abroad and job opportunities, I look forward to all of it with a mixture of anxious nail biting and excitement. I wanted to post an outfit that conveyed a degree of professionalism since it’s really been hitting me lately that very soon I will have to grow up and be an adult; say WHAT? I kept with the traditional interview staples: fitted jacket, tailored shirt, pencil skirt and closed toe pump. Keep in mind that the point of an interview is to showcase you, and what better way to do that than by expressing your personal style  in a modest and mature way?  Continue reading

Punkin’ Patch



Ahh, fall. This means ideal outdoor weather in the Sunshine State. Not too hot, not too cold. If you are inside… GO OUT; but finish reading this post first. The leaves are more vibrant, people are more cheerful, and you suddenly have an unexplainable craving for anything flavored with pumpkin spice. At the first hint of a temperature drop, we waste no time in breaking out cold weather accessories, even if it may be a little premature.  That being said, this is the perfect time to revamp your style.  Why not take advantage of this beautiful weather with an outfit to match? Get your best friends, go to a pumpkin patch, laugh A LOT, and enjoy this season; because it’s the little things.


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Wonsaponatime Vintage



 This is my weekend job, but if I told you this was “work,” I’d be lying. A year ago, I walked into this store and immediately fell in love with it’s cozy charm. I’ve always been accustomed to vintage stores being organized chaos, but this place is just plain organized. Clothing, shoes, and designer vintage purses line the walls; all perfectly spaced and color coordinated; giving it an upscale feel without the outrageous upscale prices. Even more than that… it has a uniqueness about it that you just  can’t find anywhere else. As I sit behind the counter on those sleepy Saturday afternoons, I can’t help but wonder how you could ever shop in a giant department store after stepping into Wonsaponatime. Working there, I have to consciously remind myself not to pretend it’s my closet and try everything on. The problem with corporate stores today is that quality has been sacrificed for quantity. That’s not the case for this place. I want to show people that so much of fashion comes from the classic styles of the past. You just never know how something will look unless you try it. Fashion is always evolving; which means that our closets should, too.

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A Semi-Formal Affair


Trying to find the balance between a white tie affair and a dinner party? We’ve got a trick. Instead of the conventional little black dress and heels (props to Chanel), try stepping out of your comfort zone with something new. Our button-up tuxedo style looks are a new twist on the traditional. Heels are a great accessory; and not just with dresses. They are a fun way to dress up some cut-off shorts or cropped pants. Speaking of accessorizing…who decided that bowties are strictly for menswear? Something about taking Continue reading

Miccosukee Park

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.12.16 PM

Our school, Florida State University, has a huge reputation for its crazy parties and insane nightlife. While that’s all good and fun, my friends and I prefer to indulge in the more unique spots that Tallahassee has to offer. Miccosukee Park is one of the many under appreciated treasures found in good old Tally. With a breathtaking open field, rolling hills, and trees that run endlessly along the horizon, it’s the perfect place to lie down a blanket and hangout with friends.  

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Little Rascals

rascal2 rascal

School is starting back up and we’re feeling like bringing back our youth by harnessing our inner “little rascal.” There’s nothing more exciting than a new start and brand spankin’ new school supplies. Another great thing about a new semester is the annual back-to-school wardrobe renewal. As much as I love a good sundress, we thought we’d mix things up a little. Overalls are making a comeback and I’m all for it. They’ve got a boyish charm that’s cute and playful. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when putting Continue reading

Not-So-Tacky Tourist

tropical tropicalsara

 The tourist: You can spot them a mile away with their fanny packs, digital cameras, and under worn sneaks. Don’t forget the map in hand paired with a look of confusion. The Closet was having a tropical Hawaiian print theme in their store, so we decided to create a post that revolutionizes the look of a “tacky tourist.” A few years back, my mom and I took a trip to Europe to celebrate her birthday. I took this as my opportunity to express my style yet still blend in with the oh-so-cool European crowd. My mother; however, decided to Continue reading